ʻŌlelo ʻOhana

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Words by Hina Kneubuhl, photos by Pekuna Hong

Words by Hina Kneubuhl, photos by Pekuna Hong

Everyday Language

On the path of learning language, sometimes it can be handy to have examples of casual, conversational language filled with quick and easy phrases for common activities. This series is a set of simple, natural dialogues for everyday life. We hope that you can grab words and phrases from these conversations and put them to immediate use.

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Ke Kuapo Kaiapa ʻAna
Changing Diaper

Nā hana o ke kakahiaka
Typical morning activities
(Getting ready for school)

Ka Hele ʻAna I Ka Hale Kūʻai
Going to The Store

Ka Hoʻokipa ʻAna
Hosting Friends & Loved Ones

Ka Hele ʻAna I Kahakai
Going to The Beach

Ka Hoʻoponopono ʻAna
Settling Sibling Disputes