Stories from Native Speakers

Our favorite week of ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Month is the first week because we that is when we celebrate the leo kūpuna - the voices that kept our language alive and taught the teachers who taught us. We strive to keep alive the loina ʻōlelo (language norms) exemplified in their speech, as this is what makes our language unique; different from English or any other language. The way our kūpuna saw the world is wrapped up in how they talk and the best way to learn about that is to listen to them! Choose a kūpuna below to listen to.

Kalehua Kaleikoa
A Lei For A Beloved Grandchild

Calenthe Plunkett
Signs in the Heavens

Alice Nāmakelua
Ask Nice

Eddie Kaʻanana
The First Fish

Mary Malo
A Shark Passes By

Abigail Kaleiheana
The Big Pipipi

Joseph Makaʻai
Grass House